Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Best Beaches of Greece

Greece is a modern European country with wonderful weather and the best beaches on the Mediterranean Sea.

The Best Beaches of Greece

1.Balos (Chania, Crete)
Soft white sandy beach is surrounded by light blue, crystal waters.

2.Sarakiniko (in Elafonisos Island, Peloponnese)
Three of the best beaches in Greece are located in a tiny island called Elafonisos (Southern end of Peloponnese). Sarakiniko, Simos and Panagia.

4.Navagio (Zakynthos)
White sand, blue waters, great for snorkeling exploration of the shipwreck left many years ago.

5.Egremnoi (Lefkada)
Not very populated because of the thousand concrete steps down, and then up.
Beautiful beach, crystal clear turquoise water, and soft white coarse sand make this beach one of the best to visit.

7.Myrtos (Kefalonia)
On the west coast of Kefalonia, fantastic water and bright-white pebbles.

8.Finikas (Kato Koufonisi)
Nudist are welcome here.

9.Plaka (Naxos)
Starts near the town of Naxos and runs down the entire coast of the island.

10.Paradise, Super Paradise and Panormas beaches, Mykonos

11.Red Beach, Santorini
Small red grainy sand partially covered in wood shavings to keep it cool, crystal water and rocks to offer snorkelers some action.

12.Milopotas and *Manganari beaches, Ios
Soft yellow sand and clear water located closed to the town.

14.Psili Ammos beach, Serifos
The name of the beach means soft fine sand, and that exactly how this beautiful white beach is.

15.Maragas and *Plaka beaches, Naxos
Soft sand, a scattering of trees, discreet services on a dirt road, almost turquoise water and lots of space make this an excellent location for layabouts. Nudists are welcome.

16.Kolymbithres beach, Paros
The most beautiful beach on the island is undoubtedly Kolymbithres.

17.Koukounaries and *Banana beaches, Skiathos [not for people with Pine allergies!]Koukounaries with fine yellow sand, clear, water and three tavernas. Banana Beach, next to Koukounaries, Popular nudist spot.

18.Vasilikos, Zante [Zakynthos) The best beach in the island, a long stretch of sand with secluded coves.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Weddings in Greece

Greece is a wonderful country for your wedding, anniversary or any special occasion. Getting married on a beautiful Greek Island is now easier than ever. Most of the ceremony are held in the islands of Santorini, Corfu, Mykonos and Rhodes where foreign weddings are more common because they are such popular tourist destinations. It is possible to have a ceremony anywhere in Greece. Outdoor, indoor, in the beach , at Church virtually anywhere. Santorini is the most popular wedding destination in Greece (for non-Greeks) because of its breathtaking position on the Aegean Sea--1,000 feet above it, that is, and perched on the rim of a volcano. Endless beaches stretching with white, black and red sand, and blood-red sunsets make the small Greek isle one of the top wedding destination locations in the world.

Wedding Planning On A Budget

Getting married in a foreign country requires a lot of paperwork and red tape. There are many professional legal consultants who can handle all of the paperwork and legal hassle for you; these professionals can be found through Greek wedding package services. If you plan to do the wedding on your own, getting married first in your country followed by a spiritual ceremony in Greece is also a hassle-free option. Foreign nationals who wish to have their wedding in Greece can do so in either a civil ceremony performed by a mayor or in a religious ceremony performed by a priest, or both. The couple has to be in Greece for eight days prior to the wedding day! Most church weddings in Greece are Orthodox, but Catholic, Jewish and even Buddhist weddings are possible as well. Civil weddings don’t necessarily have to be performed at a town hall, but can take place in other locations as well, with the permission of the local Mayor.


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Find job in Greece

Many people especially the young students try to obtain a job while traveling. It is very easy to do so but you will not be able to do it in advance. Most seasonal employers on the islands will not commit in advance. They would like to see you and make sure that you will be there when they need you. Don’t worry about finding a job because the work is always more than the help available. Every restaurant, bar, coffee shop is willing to hire new faces. Just be prepare if you want to save money you will be able to do that but the work is usually more than eight hours per day more like 10-12 and there is not day off from the beginning of the summer till the end (6 months). Many employers will offer you food and place to stay and because you will be working hard for many hours every day you will be able to save your salary.

If you do come and you need work only to socialize and make some small amount of money for expenses you can negotiate with the employers for a half time working day. For young person working in a Greek island for a few hours per day can make your holiday very rewarding because you will meet many people and learn the culture and the language without any hustle. So my advice to you is: book your holiday, see how long you can stay, and while here go around the island (anyone) and ask the locals for job. Know exactly how many hours you would like to work and don’t worry I haven’t see a person leaving from here because he hasn’t got a job.

Living & Working in Greece: Your Guide to a Successful Short or Long-Term Stay (How to)


Monday, July 13, 2009

Few traveling tips for Greece

Tips for traveling

• Try not to do so much on holiday. Yes is it possible to do island hoping and visit few islands for a week but put is mind the joys of Greece is the laid back life style.
• Try to travel light. You can get away with very little. Greece is very informal country, especially in the summer.
• Get a hold of a travel guide, for example Fromer or Lonely Planet. (link a travel guide for sale)
• Determine how much time you have in total.
• Determine what you are interested in, ie., beaches, architecture, art, ruins, mountains, etc
• Having a cell phone that works in Greece makes this sort of thing much more manageable, by the way. If you're going to be in Greece traveling independently, I recommend buying a pay-as-you-go Greek phone or a SIM card if your phone is unlocked. This gives you an easy Greek number for Greeks to contact you on, and can help you get those last-second directions or corrections easily.
• The earlier you book your flight the more inexpensive seats will be available. Very good offers usually on January and February
• ATM's are everywhere. Use your credit card to get money but for restaurants and shops it is better to use cash. In fact when you buy from a shop ask if there is a difference in price if you pay in cash instead of with your credit cards.
• A pre-arranged taxi transfer from the airport usually costs twice as much as a regular street taxi.
• If you need medicine feel free to ask the pharmacist all the questions you have about that medicine because in Greece all the prescriptions that comes with that medicine are in Greek language.
Check this book it may be useful to you.
A Foxy Old Woman's Guide to Traveling Alone: Around Town and Around the World


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Economic Crisis in the tourist sector in Greece

People will still take their holiday/vacation but will look to spend less by staying closer to home or going to a lower economy country, such as our neighbors, Turkey or Bulgaria. Greek news points 70 % down fall on the tourist flow (at the beginning of the summer) this year but the truth is that I see same tourist flow as the previous year. Maybe Santorini is a fortunate island and have his regular visitors. Of course Brits are not happy with the downfall of the British pound as it is almost the same as Euro 1 Euro to 1,11 Pound. But they still love Greece and Thanks God they are still here. English people are still our main tourists. French, German and Italian comes only for two months in a busy season. American do not travel as they used to. As you know Greece is a tourist country and most of the native wait only on tourism to survive. Here people work six months per year and the other six months they wait the summer to start. So if you are planning to come to Greece don’t worry you are not alone you will still find friends here.


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Best time to travel to Greece

The best time to travel to the Greek Islands is end of May beginning of June and September to mid October. In May and June the water it’s still not so hot but the island are quite the service stuff is not tired yet from the crowd so you can have a very peaceful holiday.

Me personally prefer September. Water is still warm, crowd is less and full services are still in operation. Weather is perfect not so hot like in August and not cold like in October in day time bearable hot and in the night cool. I wish it could stay like that the whole season. Most of the taverns and restaurant have a person outside in the door that welcome people but it is not like host. Here we call it “kamaki” which it’s not so good word but it is used for the job that persons does. Basically they are trying to pull passing people in by advertizing the menu or offering some free wine with the diner or just trying to get friendly with you so you choose this place for dinning. This is not legal job but it is done everywhere. Sometime it is very annoying but no place could work without kamaki. The restaurants and taverns are so close to each other and they offer similar food so it is very difficult to choose where you will be dining and usually the kamaki is the face that you remember from the place and then comes the service and the food.

Nightly percent of the service stuff in the restaurants and hotels are not Greeks. All those people are seasonal workers that go to their countries during the winter or Athens. Very few of them stay in the Islands during the winter period working mainly constructions. You will be wonder or how many people with different nationalities could work in one restaurant and they all find a common ground for six months , seven days per week 10 to 12 hours per day. English is universal language and if you speak it you won’t have any problem communicating. Of course many of the service stuff speak more than one language so don’t be wonder when the waiter/waitress speaks with you English with next table customer Italian and give the order in Greek and still hasn’t spoken his/her native tong.

About Beaches they range from pebbles to fine sand so having beach shoes with you could be useful. I will cover Beaches in my next blog entry. They are many different type of Beaches and each Island have his own distinguish look.

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Come to Patras Carnival

The Patras Carnival, is the largest event of its kind in Greece and one of the biggest in Europe. It is 160 years old. The events begin on 17th of January and last up to Clean Monday. The carnival of Patras includes balls, parades, hunting of hidden treasure, kids’ carnival etc. Its characteristics are spontaneity, improvisation, inspiration and volunteerism. It is a lot of fun.